We offer companies a one-stop AI-powered automation platform that enables them to automate complex processes far beyond classic RPA automation. With a consistent low-code approach and a variety of integrated use cases, we make the creation and deployment of AI models and automation paths accessible to both business users and IT specialists.
All-in-one platform
We have integrated a variety of automation disciplines into one platform and combine them with state-of-the-art AI-based text extraction models to make unstructured data from any document type accessible to users and applications.
Deep understanding of business functions
At CAPTOS, we bring regulatory requirements, expertise and technology closer together. We combine PKF's business and industry knowledge with our software and digital expertise to optimally support process automation.
CAPTOS is a subsidiary of PKF Fasselt Consulting GmbH and thus part of the international PKF network, a worldwide association of auditing and consulting firms with over 220 members operating under the PKF brand in 138 countries and five regions. The range of services offered by the PKF network includes all classic services around auditing and tax advisory as well as numerous other business and IT-related consulting services.
With a group of diverse software developer, cybersecurity specialists, cloud engineers, IT-consultants and business experts, we understand how to build an automation platform and use the right technology to make the platform accessible for business user without a strong IT or data scientist background.